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Pink Clouds

A snapshot of my educational philosophy in 1min 28 secs.

I am creative, passionate, ambitious, and draw on a kaleidoscope of experiences to enrich my teaching and leadership programs with creative flair.

My Teaching & Leadership Skillset



I bring a deeply empathetic approach to teaching and learning design, drawing from my experience in diverse educational settings. Recognising the unique challenges faced by both educators and learners, I strive to create inclusive and supportive learning environments using an empathetic approach.


My collaborative spirit is evident in my extensive experience working within dynamic project teams. Whether it's designing comprehensive teaching programs or launching literacy initiatives in international settings, I thrive in collaborative environments. I value diverse perspectives and believe that collective creativity leads to more impactful and sustainable learning solutions.

Innovation is at the core of my approach to learning design. From creating comprehensive literacy programs to launching initiatives in remote settings, I have consistently pushed boundaries to deliver cutting-edge educational experiences. I thrive on integrating new technologies and methodologies to enhance the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders alike.

Fueling my passion for education is an insatiable curiosity. As a lifelong learner, I constantly seek out innovative teaching methodologies and emerging trends in education. This curiosity drives me to stay at the forefront of educational advancements, ensuring that the learning experiences I design are both relevant and forward-thinking.


With a proven track record in both urban, regional and international educational contexts, I showcase adaptability in the face of diverse challenges. I thrive on adapting to new environments, different time-zones, locations, cultures and learning needs, attesting to my ability to adapt methodologies to meet the unique needs of different learners and educational settings.



With over five years in teaching, leadership development, and educational program coordination, I bring a wealth of experience in Learning Design. My tenure as the Head of Media, Head of Literacy, and my involvement in international literacy programs have honed my skills in curriculum development, instructional design, and project management, particularly in working in regional, low socio-economic environments.


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