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Why I want to work for Alice Miller School in 2mins 38 secs.

I am creative, passionate, ambitious, and draw on a kaleidoscope of experiences to enrich my lessons with creative flair. Here are some skills I will bring to Alice Miller School:


I learned how to bake with a famous pastry chef in Copenhagen.


I created a thriving cake business by converting my laundry into a commercial kitchen.


I play the cello.

I dabble in oil painting.

I hike in nature regularly. 

I write daily.

I read voraciously.


I have lived in two countries, three states, four cities, and one country town. I am adventurous and always up for a new experience.

Teaching Skills

Classroom Management

I am trained in the Positive Behaviour Model and am skilled at providing students with a safe learning environment. My focus is always on reinforcing positive behaviour, rather than penalising negative behaviours and using unconditional positive regard to build rapport with students.


Working in a low-socioeconomic, hard to staff school, whilst simultaneously completing a Masters of Teaching, built an immense amount of resilience within me. I can handle challenging and ever-changing learning environments.


I believe in working as a team to support students in their learning. I always collaborate with staff across multiple learning areas to ensure a cross-curriculum approach. I have created learning programs that run across multiple learning areas, including for students with disabilities, to ensure cross-curricular collaboration. 


I am qualified to teach English and Media at the ATAR level. I have experience outside the education system in teaching Cooking, Drama, Art, and Science. I am adaptable and willing to teach in multiple areas across the school to best meet the needs of the students. 


I have worked with students who are gifted, alongside students with disabilities, often in the same classroom. This includes gifted and talented students, students with ASD, ADHD, ODD, RETT syndrome, Non-verbal students, Cerebral Palsy, Brain injuries, kids with learning difficulties and mental health challenges. I ensure each student is given every opportunity to thrive and access the learning.


Running a small business for four years means I am comfortable working in a startup environment. I am creative and can think outside the box when resources are at a minimum. I can think on my feet and am adept at applying for grants, scholarships, and running fundraisers to help raise money for charities. 

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